TMEA Conventions:

The Alamodome
The Alamodome...where the Spurs play!

This side of the convention center is the "ball rooms" which, from the outside, looks like an airport...

Blank Sax
Me, playing a "blank" sax...

Broken Chair
While waiting for a clinic, I discovered a fallacy to those wonderful chairs (no, I didn't actually break it...)

Bruce Pearson
Bruce Pearson wrote the Standard of Excellence comprehensive band method books that I use...

Bruce Pearson
Here we are again with Bruce Pearson in 2013!

Me with Dr. Bruce Pearson at the 2015 convention
Me, with Dr. Bruce Pearson at the 2015 convention

My own clinic
My own clinic on Recorder Ensemble...

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
Some images from between the buildings of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center...

Here I am test driving a Yamaha soprano sax & a drum set simultaneously!

East Exhibit Hall: 2012
Images of the East Exhibit Hall (taken in 2012)

Ed Sueta
Ed Sueta & me: Ed Sueta's methods books for band are what I used when I started playing saxophone in 1990!

Convention Center entrance
Entrance to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center...

Convention Center entrance
Another view of the entrance to the convention center...

I cannot remember why I took a picture of these escalators...

Exhibit Hall East: 2013
Watch the people pour into the East Exhibit Hall (when it opens at 10 a.m.)

Exhibit Hall West: 2013
A view of the entrance to the West Exhibit Hall (taken in 2013)

Green tree
It's usually 70s during the day here in San Antonio at this time of year...

Hemisfair Park
The Convention Center is located right next to Hemisfair Park (near the Alamo)

Stephanie outside the Convention Center
Stephanie, sitting outside the Convention Center (2012)

The Marriott Hotel
The Marriott (hotel across the street from the Convention Center): Various events held here, too!

Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes: There are various statues inside the Convention Center of famous Texans...

Howard Robard Hughes
A close-up of Howard Robard Hughes (Note: This is of Howard Hughes, Sr.--NOT 'The Aviator'!)

Lila Cockrell Theatre
The Lila Cockrell Theatre & a 2013 performance of the Texas All-State 4A Symphonic Band

Mimi Butler: 2012
Mimi Butler taught me strings when I was at Rutgers University in New Jersey...
...she has also written many guides on how to run a private music studio...
Here she is pictured with me outside the River Center mall in 2012.

Mimi's Cafe
When Mimi was at the Convention again in 2013, what better place to dine at later!

Neil's Cowboy Hat
A picture of me wearing my cowboy hat outside the Alamodome...let's Rodeo Texas!

Neil On The Rocks
Neil On The Rocks

Neil On The Rocks 2
Neil On The Rocks 2

On-Site Registration
On-Site Registration...non-TMEA members (family, friends etc.) are welcome at most events for a $10 3-day pass!

Overview: East Exhibit Hall--2013
Overview: East Exhibit Hall (2013)

Pink Sax
Pink Sax by Gemeinhardt...and although you cannot hear it, I was playing The Pink Panther!

Neil with the Gemeinhardt Pink Alto Sax, 2015 TMEA Convention
Me again with the Gemeinhardt Pink Alto Sax at the 2015 convention

The Gates of Hell
Entrance to the annual Job Fair...where are the jobs in & around San Antonio?!

The Riverwalk
The Riverwalk actually passes through the Convention Center!

The creators of Row-Loff Productions (Percussion Literature) in 2012...

The Row-Loff guys again in 2013: Chris Brooks (left) & Chris Crockarell (right)

Row-Loff folks at the 2015 convention
Me with the Row-Loff folks at the 2015 convention

Gamelan performance featuring TX State's Gordon Jones at the 2015 convention
Indonesian Gamelan performance at the 2015 convention instructed by Gordon Jones of
Texas State-San Marcos...I worked with Dr. Jones when I was at UTSA on a gamelan performance
where I was the Dalang (shadow puppet master).

Sam Ruttenberg
Sam Ruttenberg is a Julliard master of percussion...
...he taught me drums while I was at Rutgers University in New Jersey...
...and here he is at TMEA again selling his own HingeStix®

Scott Joplin
Scott Joplin statue...

Scott Joplin
...a closer view of the Scott Joplin statue...

Spiral Staircase
A spiral staircase in one of the other buildings of the Convention Center...

Steph & Neil
Steph & Neil

Stephanie taking a break with her iPad...

Convention Center Steps
Steps on opposite side of the entrance to the Convention Center...

Tower of the Americas
The Tower of the Americas...similar to the Space Needle in Seattle,
this tower has a revolving restaurant that completes its revolution every 30 minutes...

"Don't go chasin' waterfalls..."

Neil playing a Selmer Mark VI Sopranino Sax, February 2014
Me, holding a Selmer Mark VI sopranino sax
(half the size of an alto sax, also in the key of E-flat)
at the 2014 TMEA convention...
Selmer Mark VI's are deemed to be the Stradivarius of saxophones...

A 'map' outside/front of the Henry B. Gonzalez convention center in San Antonio, Texas

New York Neil
Me (February 2014) standing on New York, near where I was born...

Neil on California
Me, standing near where I once lived in Northern California...

Neil over Neil Jersey
Me, standing over South Jersey (where I used to live before TX)

Neil in Seattle
Me, standing near Lake Washington (Seattle), someplace I've never been!

Stephanie in Iowa
Stephanie, posing in Iowa, where she was born...

Yamaha Violin
Me, jamming on an electric violin by Yamaha...

The Saxophone: Everything You NEED to Know (and What You DON'T)
My own clinic on the saxophone at the 2015 convention

Neil at his own clinic on the saxophone at the 2015 convention
Me, preparing for my clinic on the saxophone (at the 2015 convention)

David Robinson at the 2015 convention
Former Spurs star & founder of The Carver Academy here
in San Antonio is David Robinson at the 2015 convention!

That's All Folks!
That's All Folks!
Be sure to check back next February for more updates!