Terms and Conditions:

  1. You understand that due to limitations based upon your Internet connection, you cannot hold Neil's Site liable for the inability to connect to this free Web mail service.

  2. You understand that at any given time, with or without notice, that I may cancel your webmail account at Neil's Site, thereby possibly losing any and all content saved within your e-mail folders.

  3. You agree never to use this free service to store pornagraphic, political, or religious content/propaganda within your e-mail folders.

  4. You agree to never send/forward e-mails containing profanity, pornagraphic or political content, or otherwise use such service to harass others.

  5. You agree never use this webmail service to impersonate/misrepresent anyone other than yourself by using this webmail service.

  6. You agree to not use this service for purposes of spam, anonymous chain letters, mass-email marketing, etc.

  7. You agree never to store, upload/attach, or send/forward any content that may be considered malicious malware, software programs containing a virus, etc.

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